the Team

Clean, Friendly and Reliably

You can’t just rock up and become a member of the Tailor Spray team.
Everyone who joins us must not only impress us at interview but pass an exacting practical test.
Once through those hoops, they embark on their Tailor Spray training, learning our processes and becoming proficient in each skill needed to complete a spray paint job. These include protection, masking, surface prepping, paint systems and — of course — spraying itself.
But they must also commit to our customer service ethos and take personal responsibility for ensuring that they do everything to the highest possible standards.


Richard Pollock

Richard’s love affair with all things paint began as a child. A plastic skateboard was his first project ,when he was aged seven. It didn’t go too well: he used a small pot of Humbrol enamel and while he did transform the board from blue to pillar box red, he’d not only overlooked the preparation stage but also got the paint specification completely wrong! So, of course, the red paint quickly peeled away. But the learning ‘journey’ had begun. 

By the time he was 14, Richard was taking on much larger projects and these included painting the interior and the exterior of the family home in Barnes, south-west London. Then painting took a back seat while he studied aeronautical engineering at Manchester University and joined the aviation industry.

For some years Richard worked in the aircraft maintenance sector, managing component-overhaul projects and resolving the associated technical and commercial issues. His project-management skillset underpins the Tailor Spray operation today.

During a year out in Canada, Richard decided to move on from aviation and build a business derived from his childhood passion. He returned to the UK from Vancouver armed with the inspiration, knowledge and spray paint expertise that led him to launch PaintSlick in 2005.