Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen need a makeover? Or considering buying new kitchen cabinet doors?


There is a smarter way. Bring in the Tailor Spray team and have your cabinet doors transformed quickly and efficiently using our specialist interior spray-painting system for an immaculate finish.

Just choose the colour and sheen-level you want and leave the rest to us.

Paint Colours and Sheen Levels

Your kitchen cabinets can be sprayed in virtually any colour reference you give us. Or we can colour-match to a physical sample.

All colours are mixed into durable industrial paint, which we offer in a selection of sheen-levels. The most popular choices are either 10% (eggshell) or 25% (satin).

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How it works

All the removeable items, such as your kitchen cabinet doors and drawer-fronts are removed and taken off-site to be prepared and re-finished. Meanwhile, the on-site team take care of spraying any remaining items which can’t easily be removed such as end-panels and cornice mouldings. They also spray the front edges of all the carcasses, if required (but usually not the insides).

Of course the floor and all adjacent areas are properly protected first. And once the cabinet doors have been removed, the insides are masked off, so you don’t have to take out all the contents.

Once finished, the new-look doors and drawer fronts are returned, refitted and any hinge-adjustments made. You can also have new handles fitted, so long as you’ve selected that option during the initial survey.

Approximate Timescale & Leadtime

An average-sized kitchen takes about one week to complete – as a rough guide – but it varies depending on the size of the project. A more detailed timescale is given in the quotation.

Your kitchen can be used during the project, but preferably not during working hours.

Leadtime (prior to starting work) ranges from around two to four weeks from quotation approval, but can sometimes be brought forward.