Plantation Shutters

Just choose the colour and sheen-level you want and leave the rest to us.

Paint Colours and Sheen Levels

Your shutters can be sprayed in virtually any colour reference you give us. Or we can colour-match to a physical sample.

All colours are mixed into durable industrial paint, which we offer in a selection of sheen-levels. The most popular choices are either 10% (eggshell) or 25% (satin).

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How it works

Your shutters are taken away to be sprayed off-site. The hinged panels are removed, followed by the surrounding frames. Of course everything is carefully labelled first, to ensure a seamless installation when we bring them back.

If required, temporary ‘net curtains’ are fitted across the windows to retain both privacy and natural light whilst the shutters are absent.

Once finished, the shutters are returned and refitted, leaving you with a bright new look!

Approximate Timescale & Leadtime

A ‘bay-window’ set of shutters typically takes around one week to complete – as a rough guide – but it varies depending on the quantity and size of panels. A more detailed timescale is given in the quotation.

Leadtime (prior to starting work) ranges from around two to four weeks from quotation approval, but can sometimes be brought forward.